The concept of Sustainable is used quite often today, and therefore it is worth explaining which principles are close to our brand. These are the principles that we honestly will use as fundamental for the production of new clothes.

Since childhood, I was close to the idea of ​​a protective and conscious relationship with nature, our planet, because we are an inextricable whole.

For me, this did not require explanation: when you feel that you are part of a common eco-space — there can be no questions. Ever since I created VIKA GAZINSKAYA brand, I declared the principle of «cruelty free» — that is, the non-use of animal fur and skin in our collections. I am very glad that many world-famous brands alternately refuse using fur — let's hope that they will soon refuse natural leather. Indeed, today technologies have reached a completely different level, and the minds of fashion consumers are open to products made of artificial leather and fur.

Today, a lot of rethinking is taking place in the world: the concept of «animal rights» is also gaining a new round of development (editor's note: in the English version of animal rights). A lot of people talk about «environmentally friendly» and conscious consumption. This can only make me happy, because for a long time I have been feeling physically the excess of objects, new things and an overabundance of fashion collections that, ultimately, do not make people truly happy.

I am sad seeing by the amount of garbage that is increasing every day on the planet, and which I, like each of us, «produce» every day through new purchases.

I seriously thought: what can I do to at least have the amount of waste plastic in the trash, excess rubbish in the wardrobe, etc. After all, it’s worth starting with yourself.

I also absolutely clearly realise the concepts of sustainable and eco living. Living 100% environmentally friendly for us, residents of megacities — let's be honest, is impossible. We all fly airplanes, use a taxi or private car, use detergents for laundry.

But we can definitely reduce the amount of energy consumed, minimize harmful emissions and pollution of the world water resource, and also almost completely stop the use of those materials that are not decomposing in the soil — such as plastic, for example. We can also make our purchases more wisely and use recyclables to produce new products that we need in everyday life.

In parallel with my observations, a scientific approach to recycle and upcycle processes was developed. The concept, or rather, the sustainable movement has become not just fashionable — it has become so obvious and necessary for our continued survival that so many companies now produce excellent materials from recycled or residual materials.

So, our new brand intends to use only sustainable materials that have passed tests and have recognised certifications, and have also been personally tested by us.

As I wrote above, the principle of sustainable has many levels. I really like to use materials from recycled waste — upcycling, thereby reducing the growth of new plastic production, such as recycled polyester, recycled plastic and especially recycled garbage that was caught in the oceans and seas. We also intend to use recycled wool and cotton (editor's note: in the English version of recycled wool and cotton) and much more. I repeat, today's technology allows to recycle almost any kind of waste (including food) into fuel, used to create a new item.

We also love the most natural fabrics made from 100% wood (Tencel and lyocell), eco-silk and eco-cotton (editor's note: in the English version of eco silk and eco cotton), the entire production process of which is completely taking place without the use of pesticides: not only soil is depleted from them, but our skin is exposed to them since childhood, which can cause disease.

We plan to produce, supply and sell our goods in recyclable packaging, our labels and accessories, if possible (after all, it depends on the availability of those in nature) will also meet sustainable criteria.

As a designer, I see our new brand fashionable, while preserving the aesthetics and philosophy of VIKA GAZINSKAYA, but more affordable, with basic products that form the basis of your wardrobe for all occasions. I myself want to dress and dress people so that when buying and wearing a fashionable and high-quality product, we will be happy to understand each time: this product is made with the least harm to our planet! I want to wear looks that are one hundred percent consisting of shoes, clothes, bags, headgear, during the creation of which no animal was injured!

Each of our products will have a short and clear explanation of what it is made of and why this material is called sustainable. Thus, we plan to acquaint our consumer with this broad definition, expand his horizons and share more and more new discoveries in this area.

The VIKA GAZINSKAYA brand has always paid fair wages to our workers. We often use the services of local craftsmen for the manufacture of knitwear or embroidery on dresses. Therefore, we are not new to what many now claim to be sustainable: namely, the non-use of child labour, the use of local workers, comfortable working conditions and legitimate wages. For us, this has always been an obvious norm and, of course, in the new brand we will continue to adhere to these principles.

For myself, I choose to do what benefits our planet. You should finally understand: the time to constantly take is over. The time has come to give, the time to interact positively and kindly, and not to force. Money gives a lot, but for them it is impossible to buy clean air and water, which gives us life.

Unfortunately, in the world there are less and less truly clean and untouched places where you will not see a tin can be thrown into the grass or a plastic bottle floating in the sea — perhaps these are only nature reserves. It is worth, in my opinion, to start paying off debts to planet Earth and its future generations.

— Vika Gazinskaya